Our Approach

There are many different ways to approach richly prepared foods before You share them with those you admire most.  Watch them smile with Gratitude as they take in your humble Generosity.   The only thing we are missing, at the Center of it ALL - at Oyhut Bay Fresh Market is YOU...!

Our Story

My wife Lori and I first moved to Ocean Shores with a single thought in mind and that was to retire and live the remainder of our lives, after 40+ years of marriage, near the Soothing Sounds of the Beach.  We wanted to escape the Roaring Sounds of the Freeways and Big City Life we surrounded ourselves with in our Austin, TX home.

We both had long careers in Customer Service; providing service to others.  We saw another way that would allow us to keep nurturing our instinctive nature by opening our door to our new Home at Oyhut Bay Fresh Market.

Meet the Team

We Invite YOU to Come Join Us !




After a Long & Rewarding Career as a Working Chef, Regional Manager, Divisional Manager, and then Executive VP of Dining - my love for Cooking and Eating GREAT Food is My Comfort Zone !




After a Long & Rewarding Career as a Hospitality Manager, Director, and Area Hospitality Management Trainer from an HR perspective - Lori will always do the Best Thing because it's the Right Thing to Do...!