Fresh Produce

Our Produce is delivered as often as twice per week directly from Charlies Produce in Seattle.  During the Summer Months we are able to source some of our Specialty Local Produce from local farming communities in the surrounding areas of Ocean Shores.

Organic Choices

Popular items in our Organic Selection Section include a variety of healthy choices such as pastas, sauces, beans, cereals, spices, teas, and also includes some of our Fresh Produce options as well.

Pairing a Great Source

Oyhut Bay Fresh Market is already known for its Great Food Selection, Beer & Wine Selections, along with Healthy Choice Selection - but we strive to be best known for Our Great Customer Service.  We will make it Right every time.  We want to keep you coming back.  We know how important it is to you to save money, time, and save room the Sweet Delicacies you often Crave.


Helping you to Create an abundant Goodness

After a morning walk on the Beach or just as the evening rains wash away the Stresses left behind and now forgotten - Oyhut Bay Fresh Market can help serve you then...

Let the Sunset Shine Through to YOU

Our Local Beaches are Magnificent and there are many ways to enjoy them allowing them to create memories and JOY...Let us bring a little more joy to you from Oyhut Bay Fresh Market !

Here's to YOU !